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This dust collector is designed to work seamlessly with the powerful and durable motor of the auto air pulse system, featuring three individual on-off switches for angle grinders to heavy machines, making it the perfect solution for heavy-duty job site floors.


There are two types available: can type and harper type, making it easier for you to choose the product you desire.

Auto Cleaning Dust Collector

PriceFrom $3,300.00
    • Container Type: Can
    • Voltage: 220v 50/60hz
    • Max watts: 1250 x 3 (max 3750) 5HP
    • Max air flow(CFM): 353Max Amps: 6.5 x 3(motor)  (max 19.5)
    • Motor speed: 20,500rpm
    • Filter system (Double): PE Cartridge filter + HEPA filter