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  • UCS-502 is a water-based acrylic sealer designed to create a transparent, non-yellowing protective coating on concrete surfaces.
  • UV-resistant, and abrasion-resistant film.
  • It provides effective protection against moisture penetration, staining, dirt, dust, and wear.

  • It results in a surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

  • UCS-101 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for various applications.

  • It can be used to seal concrete, masonry, pavers, brick, saltillo tiles, and other cementitious substrates.

  • This product demonstrates excellent resistance to water, alkali substances, and efflorescence.

  • It ensures long-lasting durability, particularly in outdoor environments.

  • UCS-101 exhibits strong adhesion to a wide range of substrates, increasing its versatility and compatibility.

  • It can be applied in diverse situations and on different surfaces.

UCS-101 | High Concentration Sealer (Acrylic) -1Gal